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Design Intern Fellowship Application


Describe your most meaningful experience(s) and why they matter to you

I spent my summer break in 2017 volunteering at HelpAge India and was at a health camp organised for the underprivileged elderly, when I made a discovery. Most of the patients seeking physiological aid, were actually not really sick.

They were simply, dejected and distraught, from neglect & years of loneliness and abandonment from a society that had left them behind. 

I reflected and tried to ideate a solution that might be applicable to all elderly men and women, irrespective of their financial and social privilege. I proposed the idea of a Digital Literacy camp to the NGO, leveraging the omnipresent mobile phone and internet, to battle the dejection in the elderly members of society. My mentor allowed me to run with it and it actually worked! Five years later, the digital literacy camp continues to empowers the elderly members, across societies, giving them access to and even opportunities to step back into society.

Of the many poignant moments in life, this one stands out for its impact on my future choices. I call it my "first ever design exercise", that helped me realise that I love working in design, with the end customers and be able to witness my work directly impact lives. It also encouraged me to look for roles in start-ups where I had substantial responsibility to propose and spearhead ideas.

Finally, it made me realise I thrive when I feel like I am helping build something larger than myself and I seek this out in every project I take up now.

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