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Building a
Delivery Drone Model


As an exhibit piece for a design fiction exhibit where we explored a future with delivery drones, we built a scale model of a drone model patented by Amazon that is yet to go into production

CNC machining a 8ft by 4ft wide EPS foam down to cut out the layers of the drone.


After gluing together the stacked layers of foam to create the drone body, we sanded down uneven junctions for a smooth surface


on the 
Future OfThe Sky

In Conversation With
David Merrill

Designing a physical space for an immersive, thought provoking experience on who owns the future of the sky and what a future with personal and delivery drones might look like.

Do nets line building tops to catch falling drones?
Does the sky get monitored by private companies with ownership of sky tubes?

Do we get used to the buzzing noise of drones?

Is a promise of a one hour delivery worth trading clear skies?

Listen to the Interview with David Merrill

Race-car Wing Design

Screenshot 2022-02-22 at 2.45_edited.jpg

Greater downforce and higher downforce-drag ratio through optimisation of wing configuration along with use of a footplate and side fin in the endplates to reduce pitch sensitivity and reduction of the tire drag.


  • Lighter wings

  • Minimize manufacturing error

  • Maximaze dimensional accuracy 

  • Achieve better Mounting for better stiffness and reliability.

Resultant Prototype

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